You Need to Know that Sleep Apnea and Morning Headaches are a Thing

Data Shows that sleep apnea and morning headaches may be related

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Segment Time: 1m0s Hi Doctor Puja here. Let’s continue to Think Healthy. Today, I want to talk to you about headaches & why you may be getting them from something you haven’t considered! I’m talking about: Sleep Apnea!

Data is showing that people with sleep apnea are more likely to have morning headaches.

So if you find yourself suddenly struggling with morning headaches–you’re having a hard time starting your day & you’re not getting up as fresh as you were earlier: I think it may be worth your time in discussing these morning headaches and sleep apnea with your health care team.

There’s always more on my website. Till then I’m Doctor Puja.

Reviewed by Dr. Puja Uppal, DO 
April 1, 2021