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Mission: Think Healthy Doctor & Health Stuff TO Know aims to strengthen and empower all newsrooms by making health content & health information more entertaining, useable, reliable, timely, & trustworthy.

Our team of physicians and journalists ensures that the content is informative, vetted, has high impact, and provides timely guidelines to improve outcomes.

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On a monthly basis, we produce many hundreds of evidence-based & physician created healthy articles (tiles) for easy consumption.

Your newsroom can utilize our articles/tiles as compendiums to your original reporting, bolster original content, provide stand-alone content, enjoy SEO improvement, serve the health interests and needs of your readers, & maintain evergreen health content to further serve your reporting needs.

We believe that a multimedia & short form approach is ideally suited to meet the health information needs of the Global consumer.

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We invite your newsroom to become a partner and leverage our content to support your ongoing quest to serve the public good & public interest.

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The COVID phenomenon has ensured that readers & consumers will continue to demand relevant, timely, insightful, & expert driven health information. We are proud to oblige.

Dr. Puja Uppal, Founder ThinkHealthy.Doctor

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Our Health Stuff TO Know tiles & multimedia content help partners & newsrooms provide relevant, high-impact, health news for local communities and health news deserts.