Did you Know Hygiene and Depression are Closely Related?

Poor Personal Hygiene and Depression

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I want you to know that depression can look VERY different in teens and adults.

It’s not all the same. One way depression exhibits itself in teens: is actually a lack of personal hygiene.

  • It’s gonna look like the young person’s no longer showering regularly.
  • They’re not brushing their teeth, they’re not taking care of themselves physically.

Oftentimes, parents or caregivers ignore these outward visible symptoms because they don’t want to comment on the appearance of their child. But, as a caretaker, this is something I think you should at least start considering.

If you see a sudden drop off in the personal hygiene habits of your young ones, this may be a sign of depression, and it’s worth having a conversation together with your doctor, teenager, and health care team!

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Reviewed by Dr. Puja Uppal, DO 
April 1, 2021