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Alzheimer's and high school

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A Potential New Treatment for Meth Addiction

An article in Psychology Today, talks about a potential new treatment for meth.

The most important thing here is this: Individuals with addiction usually have 1-2 additional mental health conditions. So, to properly treat one’s addiction you’ve gotta address any other mental health conditions the person might be struggling with. Usually, they’re Mental health conditions like depression or ADHD.

What to do next: Speak to your doctor if you’re struggling with any kind of addiction. If you feel judged by your doctor, get another one!

The big picture: Substance addiction is a disease. Addiction simply does not happen because you’re a weak person or a person who lacks choice. Addiction is a complicated medical condition.

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Should I stop using Lysol immediately?

There’s a lot of hubbub about the fear of using Lysol. What’s the truth here?

What to do next: No, you don’t have to stop using Lysol! The FDA hasn’t declared that Lysol is dangerous to your health. Lysol hasn’t been found to cause cancer or early death.

The big picture: What’s important to know is that the fragrance in Lysol can cause breathing difficulties in people with allergies and other and lung disorders.

So, if your friend says,” Lysol makes it difficult for her to breathe,” respect her!

Don’t use Lysol before she visits you. Because the fragrance or the aromatics my harm her lung health. She’s not making this up!

Protective phenotype hypothesis

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Is it really true that super bugs aren’t being killed by antibiotics?

What does this mean for you? The idea that antibiotics are not working for dangerous bugs is a real danger for you and your family!

What to do next? This is one of the main reasons why doctors don’t prescribe antibiotics for viruses. So, the next time your doctor informs you that you don’t need an antibiotic for the common cold, bronchitis, or even COVID—it’s because antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses.

The big picture: Unfortunately, overusing antibiotics will make us all more vulnerable to many dangerous bacterial infections in the future.

Protective phenotype hypothesis

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Is it really true that your lungs start healing almost immediately after you quit smoking?

The most important thing here is this: Your lungs start healing the moment you quit smoking!

A strange thing many people experience right after quitting is the feeling that they have bronchitis. This is because they start coughing a lot! BECAUSE their lungs are working to remove the gunk!

The big picture: Speak to your doctor if you experience this coughing, right after you quit smoking.

You’ve got to understand that that the tiny little cells in your lungs are trying to get rid of smoke particulates and inflammation that’s been left behind.

Let your body heal itself!

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