It’s true, Fixing your vision and wearing the right Eyeglasses can prevent dementia


The background: Did you know that you can prevent dementia by doing something as simple as getting a proper eye exam and making sure that your vision is corrected?


Yes Better Eyesight Prevents Dementia

What’s new: It’s true, the scientific term here is called “Modifiable Risk.” And basically the idea, here is, that if you can fix and repair something about your self today, the chances of you being harmed in the future will actually go down.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture here: Hearing loss and vision loss affect the cognition of older adults by limiting their participation, social activities and more importantly, vision loss can affect the physical structure of your brain, and it makes your brain weaker! That’s something we don’t want.

Yes, wearing the right eyeglasses can prevent dementia.

The Health News You Can Use here is this: Once again, Science is beginning to show that we can take steps today that can prevent disease in the future!

Take Home Message: Make sure you talk to your doctor about keeping your vision in check as you get older. This is going to ensure that you reduce your risk of getting dementia in the future.

Doctor’s Quote: If you have a loved one that’s over a certain age, make sure that their vision remains corrected. You’re going to do them a huge favor in the future, and you’re going to do society a huge favor!

Link to Sources: Lancet and New York Times

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Eyeglasses can prevent dementia