Does calorie restriction improve my immune system?

What Are The Benefits Of Caloric Restriction On Immune Health?

Here’s what you need to know: There are many studies that continue to show that calorie restriction of diet can enhance life expectancy.

Parsing through that data, something new is being identified.

Calorie restriction may benefit the function of the body’s “Thymus Gland.

Some nuance for you:

The Big Picture: The thymus gland is part of our immune system. This research is showing that a restrictive calorie diet improves Thymus function.

So does this mean, calorie restriction is good for my immune system?

A Question You Asked

Maybe! Some data is also showing that a calorie restriction diet helps in reducing the body’s overall inflammation. And, having a low inflammation system is very important for good health.

The Doctor’s Notes:

  • Doing too much of calorie restriction can lead to the opposite of what you’re expecting!
    • You end up with poor nutrition and can become micronutrient deficient.
      • You can get sick, and injure your body.
  • Bad hearts! Many people who follow calorie restrictive diets end up eating a lot of fatty foods.
    • This is not good for your heart health!
    • High fatty foods lead to more inflammation in your body.
  • Calorie restrictive diets can lead to symptoms of depression.

Close the Loop:

  • If you want to start a calorie restrictive diet, it’s important to talk to a nutritionist!
  • Calorie restrictive diets work for certain metabolic diseases such as diabetes.
    • Talk to your doctor to find out more about Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD).
Can calorie restriction diets improve immune system
Low Calorie Diets and Immune Health. Health Stuff TO Know

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