Did president Biden get COVID again after taking Paxlovid? Doctor Answers

Biden taking paxlovid
yes, the President took Paxlovid & still got COVID. That’s not a big deal.

It’s in the news:  President Biden tested positive for covid-19 again. (Primary Source).  He is positive while he was taking an antiviral drug called: Paxlovid.

The Expert Opinion: 2 words to keep in mind here.  Rebound COVID.   According to the data collected only 4% or so of the people get a rebound case of COVID after taking the medicine Paxlovid.  Overall, this is not a huge number.

Dr. Puja also emphasizes: While taking PAXLOVID, many people are saying that the medicine leaves a “metallic taste” in their mouth. 

You don’t want to let this bad taste at the back of your mouth from stop you from taking this medicine.  Drinking simple juices or using flavored mints have been shown to reduce the metallic taste feeling.

The Big Picture:  Regardless of what people say, getting a rebound infection does not mean that you have a weak immune system.  

The main point to keep in front of you is that being vaccinated and taking Paxlovid, reduces the chances of you going to the hospital. AND, it reduces the chances of you getting a serious case of COVID.  

This is one of the main reasons why almost every health professional is so insisting that you get vaccinated and you consider taking PAXLOVID if you get infected with COVID.

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