Yes, a new study is showing that GI Disorders can lead to Alzheimers. Doctor Explains

Ultraprocessed foods lead to dementia
new study is showing that GI disorders and Alzheimer’s could be connected.

It’s in the news: A fascinating new study (Primary Source) is showing something that the medical community has been suspecting for some time. 

The study shows that people who have certain GI disorders may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.  

This study is important because it’s showing that there may be a genetic link between Alzheimer’s disease and our gut health.

The Expert Opinion: “Even though this is not the final say on the matter, it continues to add to our understanding of the gut-brain connection.”

Keep in mind: The scientists, in the study, were not able to pinpoint the exact reason why people who have GI disorders may end up getting Alzheimer’s disease.  We’re going to have patiently wait as they do more science on this matter. 

The Big Picture: It’s important to keep your brain health and gut health in check.  The easiest tip for improved gut health is to eat whole foods, foods high in fiber, and try to decrease the amount of processed foods.

What’s interesting: a new study, published at the Alzheimer’s Congress 2022, just showed, that eating processed foods can harm your brain and lower your cognitive functions.  This variable can increase the chances of one getting Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

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