Polio New York City. Found Evidence of virus in the city waste water. Doctor Explains

Doctor Explains: Get your Boosters for Polio and other details about New York City

It’s in the News: Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say

The detection of the virus in the city’s sewage suggests it is circulating there, Health Department officials said.

The Expert Opinion: Yes. It’s all over the news! They JUST FOUND found polio in the waste waters of New York. So as a doctor, I need you to really know this: If you’ve NEVER received your polio vaccine, it’s time to go get it.

If you say, for example, have not received all of your polio shots, it’s a series of four. You need to go get that FOURTH booster.

Look, there’s really no need to panic. If you are in that area and you haven’t been vaccinated, you need to go get vaccinated.

What’s next: Consider this your warning bell.

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Primary Source: New York City Waste Water

Second Source: New York Times

More about Polio: World Health Organization document on Poliomyelitis aka Polio

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