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4 Ways to Overcome Common Exercise Injuries

Rice method for reducing muscle pain and soreness
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As we’re all thinking about going back to the gym or increasing our time spent outdoors–the chances of us getting injured increase dramatically.

And, if you get hurt, here’s something you should keep in mind — R.I.C.E

Healthy Stuff To Know

Muscle soreness after a day of activities…

4 ways to stay in the groove.

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevate

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Bannister Wolfe: Bannister here, let’s continue to Think Healthy. Now that we’ve started to go back to the gym, the chances of us getting injured increase dramatically.

And, if you get hurt at the gym, here is something Doctor Puja wants you to keep in mind: RICE.

Doctor Puja: That’s right Bannister! I want you, and everybody who’s listening, to think about RICE. When you injure yourself–this is what you should do if you’ve had an intense workout & you’re sore the next day:

The R in Rice stands for REST. This means you’re not going to overdo it

The I stands for ice. Apply ice to the areas where you’re sore! Ice is gonna’ help in reducing your pain.

The C stands for Compression. I want you to know that for routine injuries compression can help in reducing swelling & that reduces pain.

And, the E in RICE stands for Elevation.

You basically want the body part that you’re icing to be above your heart.

Basically, the RICE protocol can help your pain, and it can actually help prevent the worsening of your injury.

As always, if the injury is severe enough, please consult your health care team.

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