Good News in the world of Weight Loss. More about Lac-Phe

Here’s some good news in the world of weight loss


What is the Lac-Phe molecule?

The background: New research shows that scientists MAY HAVE found an anti-hunger molecule that also PROMOTES weight loss.

Scientists were looking at all the different molecules that come into our bloodstream when we work out.

They found that a particular molecule suppresses our hunger, and if it suppresses our hunger, you better believe it–this could lead to weight loss.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: The name of the smaller molecule is “Lac-Phe.” It’s a derivative of lactic acid and one of our amino acids.

Discoveries like this are very interesting because scientists are finding that MANY different molecules get released into our bloodstream when we work out. And, some of these molecules do actually work on our appetite.

Take home message: We’re still learning about it. We don’t know how this little molecule actually works.

So straight up, I’m sorry to say this: We’re not going to be getting a pill anytime soon!

Doctor’s quote: If you can work out even JUST A LITTLE BIT, your body will actually help you with controlling your appetite. Moving is good!

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Weight loss and lac phe