Can a lack of Vitamin D Cause Dementia?


Dr. Puja Explains

The background: Well, the media is at it again. They’re now hyping up the idea that a vitamin D deficiency can cause dementia in adults.

This isn’t totally correct.

Dr. Nate Zuziak

There’s no doubt about it, low vitamin D levels can lead to weaker bones and teeth. We even have some evidence that low vitamin D levels are present in people who have depression and anxiety.

Dig deeper: We don’t have any direct evidence that shows that low levels of vitamin D can cause dementia.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: Dementia is a multifactorial process. So what can you do to prevent dementia? Here are some steps that you can take.

  • Continue to be social.
  • Continue to sleep well.
  • Take care of your brain health.

Take home message: Take care of your mental health and spend a few minutes a day exercising on your own.

Also, make sure you’re taking all your micronutrients.

Things like:

  • Zinc
  • B12
  • Vitamin D

If you’re deficient in any of these, taking simple supplements can do the trick.

Doctor’s quote: So yeah, all these things combined have been proven to slow the onset of dementia.

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