Savannah Guthrie and her Retinal Detachment | Medical News Today

Here are two important health and wellness stories for Monday, July 12, 2021.

Savannah Guthrie Health… and more.

Savannah Guthrie ended up with a detached retina after getting cataract surgery. You should know: oftentimes, other issues can lead to a retinal detachment

⭐ Retinal Detachment is fixed by surgery and is generally successful if caught early.

What’s the ONE thing I need to know about a Retinal Detachment?

✅ NOT treating it quickly can lead to permanent blindness!

What’s a retinal detachment? 

  1. Basically, this means that the back part of your eye is no longer attached & this detachment ends up causing blurriness. 
  2. A detached retina is a serious thing.


  • if you find yourself suddenly experiencing blurriness,
  • and the world around you starts to look like a snowstorm,
  • or you see electricity flashing all over!
  • it’s time to go to the ER.

Your goal here: if sudden visual changes occur — please go get it checked out!

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