Medical and Health News Today | Feb 11, 2022

Can Ketamine be fast and effective for suicidal crises?

Ketamine for the acute treatment of severe suicidal ideation: double blind, randomised placebo controlled trial

Look, I think this study is a game-changer. The data clearly shows that ketamine is effective. There is a huge mental health crisis going on globally. And, any practical tools to reduce suicide ideation and completion are needed!

Dr. Puja, Health Stuff TO Know

Why is Trimetazidine banned at the Olympics?

Trimetazidine is definitely on the banned substances list for the Olympics. Trimetazidine is used for the treatment of angina (pronounced: anng ina). The drug increases blood flow to the heart and the rest of your body.

So, when your body needs extra oxygen, this drug makes your heart more efficient. As you can imagine, an Olympic-level athlete will definitely benefit from having this drug in their system.

Dr. Puja, Health Stuff TO Know

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Reviewed by Dr. Puja Uppal
February 11, 2022