Women, you’re at risk of uterine cancer more these days

Women’s Health


Uterine Cancer Rates Are Going Up All Across the World

The background: Uterine cancer is on the rise and the studies are showing that this cancer is going to become the third most common type of cancer among all women.

Know this: The mortality rate, that means the amount of people who unfortunately will pass away from this, is highest for Black Americans.

So once again, the idea of racial disparity, that means the uneven care that’s provided because of our race, is self-evident.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: Racial Disparity is so clear that it’s actually scary!

I need you to know uterine cancer rates aren’t just going up for black women. Their rates are also going up for Asian women and women of Mexican Hispanic heritage.

So, some of the reasons as to why this is happening is because of the increased rates of obesity and, of course, we can’t say this enough:

  • Bad diets wreck havoc on our health.
  • Lack of proper access to care for women of color is contributing to an increase in uterine cancer.

All of these things contribute to poor women’s health.

Take home message: The most common symptom for uterine cancer is heavy bleeding, especially, if it’s NOT NORMAL for you.

If you’re experiencing ANY TYPE of irregular bleeding, it’s time to go talk to your doctor.

Doctor’s quote: Ladies if you experience EVEN ONE DROP of blood after you’ve been through menopause, you must go see your doctor right away to make sure it’s not uterine cancer.