What’s one brain food that can reduce my risk of dementia?

In the News: Brain foods and healthy foods are talked about every day. One simple food that’s been proven to improve our brain health is blueberries.

Blue berries are good for brain health

Background: Dementia does not have to be a one-way streak. For many people, it can be prevented or delayed.

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What are some points I should focus on?

First: Blueberries are good because they are high in flavonoids, have a lot of fiber, and have folate. All of these ingredients are good for brain health.

Second: Dementia is a multisystem disease and it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just one type of food or one type of exercise that will prevent or ward off dementia. You’re going to need to approach this from many angles.

Third: You may need to have a blood test done to see if you have any micronutrient & vitamin deficiencies. Low thiamine levels (B-1), and low B-12 levels also contribute to dementia. If your numbers come in low: take supplements and try to avoid alcohol.

The Big Picture: Falling for fads and expensive brain health foods is really not the way to go. You must understand that good sleep, a good quality of life, good health & exercise, and a good diet are all the parts that are needed to ensure good brain health.

And, remember, that expecting a decline in brain health as you grow older is a myth that needs to be placed to rest.

Dr. Puja Uppal
Content Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Puja

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