Christian McCaffrey Injury | Doctor Explains

What caused

Christian McCaffrey injury? Doctor Explains

In the video below 👇 Dr. Puja looks over Christian McCaffrey’s injury during Thursday night’s NFL game.

Christian McCaffrey HAMSTRING INJURY. Doctor Explains what's next for him & the Panthers
Doctor Puja explains the cause of Christian McCaffrey’s Hamstring Injury.

Transcript of Video

Hey, guys, you just saw it: Christian McCaffrey is out with a hamstring injury. I saw the injury. It’s a painful one. You see that little leap there? That’s where I think it started.

So a hamstring injury usually occurs when you’re sprinting really quickly or you’re just jumping up with a lot of velocity.

So, here he’s leaping in the air. I mean, he does that kick! So, the hamstring muscle really is in a lot of stress when it is eccentric contracted.

Basically, that means that it’s contracted and it’s also lengthening at the same time.

And unfortunately, that’s exactly what Christian is doing. Okay, so now he is going to get an MRI, and the basic point of the MRI is to actually see
if the hamstring is actually torn,if it’s a full-thickness tear or if it’s just a slight tear, or if it’s actually torn off of his bone.

And as you can guess, guys, this becomes a serious injury.

The way I’m looking at it, it’s likely going to be the right leg.

So there are likely icing it right now. He likely is in a CAM BOOT & he’s probably going to get an MRI in the morning. The radiologists are going to be looking to see if there is an actual tear of his hamstring. Christian’s probably in a lot of physical pain and stress right now. His team physicians are going to look to placate these immediate needs, and everybody here wishes Christian the best!

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