What does my high school diploma say about my risk of Alzheimer’s dementia?


The background: So scientists have been at this for a long time. They’re trying to figure out why some people are at a HIGHER RISK of getting Alzheimer’s Dementia-when they get older.


3 Things can increase your risk of getting Alzheimer’s in the future.

Here’s the health stuff to know: A new study today puts forward 3 IMPORTANT Risks that you OUGHT TO KNOW. And, one is kind of strange.

  • FIRST risk to your brain: if you’re not physically active, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease goes up as you get older.
  • SECOND risk to your brain is obesity. If you’re obese or if you were obese during your middle ages, your chances of getting Alzheimer’s actually goes up!

This is the new one: The THIRD risk factor to your brain is kind of a strange one. Scientists have reported that people who did not complete high school were at a higher risk of of getting Alzheimer’s disease when they got older.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

But, what does that mean for me: If you didn’t graduate high school, it does NOT mean that you’re going to end up getting Alzheimer’s disease when you get older.

The big picture: What the study is pointing out is that if our brains aren’t active, if our brains aren’t curious, if our brains aren’t kept in a social environment, these brains are actually at the highest risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease as they get older.

What can I do today? Well, there is a lot!!

  • First thing, get out, be social!
  • Be around friends.
  • Learn new hobbies and learn new skills.
  • Read, watch TV…and engage with the world.

Doctor’s Quote: If, you engage with the world around you, you’ll find that your risk of Alzheimer’s disease actually starts going down. So, get going!