Wash Your hands after feeding your Pet

In the News: A huge study is showing us what we already know: if you don’t keep your pet’s food bowl clean–there’s a chance for an infection.

Wash your hands after feeding your dogs

Background: You can catch salmonella and E. coli from the leftovers of your pet’s food. It’s important to start washing your hands after feeding your animal friends. This applies to all animals–not just the ones that bark at cars.

Who’s this for?

  • anyone who has a pet.
  • anyone who deals with the feeding of animals.

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What are some points I should focus on?

First: Hand washing is your answer. Hand washing is what you should do before AND after feeding your pets. Also, stop storing pet’s food in damp areas.

Second: Washing your pet’s dish with hot water and soap is important for the health of your animal and for the health of your family.

The Big Picture: This study is showing us very clearly that we need to practice better pet food hygiene. The effects of not keeping things clean can cause harm to your animal friends and to your family members, especially the immunocompromised members.

A nice 20-second hand wash before and after handing animal feed; and, keeping their feeding bowls clean can lead to improved outcomes.

Dr. Puja Uppal, Health Stuff TO Know
Content Reviewed & Approved by Dr. Puja

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