Vitamin D does not prevent diabetes | Health Stuff To Know

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The background: a new study, just out, shows that Vitamin D does not have any beneficial value in preventing diabetes.

Look, if you’ve been taking Vitamin D as a natural way to prevent diabetes–stop doing that now!

So, what should you actually be doing:

  • I want you to talk to your doctor about getting enrolled in a Diabetes Prevention Program (and guess what, it’s free). These type of programs work with you to reduce the chances of you getting full-blown diabetes.
  • If your A1c levels are above 5.7, make sure you talk to them about getting started on one of these programs. And, look, the sooner you start, the better.”

What steps should I take next: Well, I’m also gonna recommend that Walking during the day, building muscle strength, and getting good sleep are all important things you need to do as part of a diabetes prevention lifestyle.

Benefits of Vitamin D:

  • We know that vitamin D helps with our bones.
  • Vitamin D helps with our muscle strength.
  • Vitamin D helps with stronger teeth.
  • And, we also know that low levels of Vitamin D are often found in people who have depression.

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