TikTok video shows a strange place where cancer hides

In the News: TikTok video shows Cancer hiding in a strange place: Under your Nails.

Who’s this for:

  • for anybody who has nails.

What are some points I should focus on?

The video shows a rare type of cancer called a “Subungual melanoma.” This type of cancer can be very dangerous. And, unfortunately, if it’s not caught in time, it can kill you.

It appears as a thin dark stripe under your nails. The stripe remains, even though your nails keep growing.

Subungual melanoma
Subungual melanoma hiding under your nails.

Doctor’s Opinion

What should I do next?

First: Understand that this type of stripe can remain dormant for 10-15 years. When you see it develop, talk to your doctor and see if you need further evaluation. Take action as soon as it develops! Don’t wait because it seems like “nothing” or “normal.”

Second: this type of stripe is more common in the African American, Asian, & Hispanic communities.

Third: this type of a stripe can appear under any of your nails.

The Big Picture: Subungual melanoma can be deadly once it starts to spread. Take action immediately. If you find that your doctor is not willing to listen to your concerns, find another!

Your job is to ensure that you’ve got “Subungual melanoma” ruled out.

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