This is a fun one! IF your pet sleeps in your bed, you’re NOT ALONE

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The background: The American Academy of Sleep just released some data from a poll.

  • They found that OVER 46% of people surveyed said that their quality of sleep was better with a pet in the bed!
  • 53% of Gen Z respondents said that they almost “always or sometimes” have a pet in their bed when they sleep.
  • Boomers on the other hand, are a little less cuddly! Only 38% of them let their pets sleep with them in their bed.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: So, here’s something you should know about this:

…poor sleep can have huge, long term NEGATIVE EFFECTS on your WELLNESS & MENTAL HEALTH.

Dr. Puja Uppal

Take home message: Poor sleep can cause things like early heart attacks, diabetes, & dementia.

Doctor’s quote: “If your pets are keeping you awake at night, it may be time for Fido to get his own bedroom!”

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