There are many benefits to coffee, but try to drink less than 4 cups a day

The Background:  An article in The Guardian newspaper does a great job talking about the benefits of coffee.

Coffee health benefits
try drinking less than 4 cups per day

Doctor’s Expert Insights

Here’s What You Need to Know: Dr. Neligh, a researcher at the French Medical Institute, had this to say:

Coffee has over 1000 compounds in it, and we’re just starting to research and understand them.

Dr. Neligh
  • She talks about the fact that coffee increases alertness but also increases relaxation.
  • For some people, coffee is a way to stay awake, whereas others need coffee to fall asleep.

The Big Picture: Dr. Neligh is researching these confusing perspectives of coffee.

  • She said that they have evidence that coffee contains compounds that are good for the heart.
  • Black coffee offers protection against diabetes.
  • And coffee does not increase the risk of cancer.

But of course, with all this good news, there has to be some common sense.

Down arrow think healthy doctor

“Just remember, folks, with caffeine comes calories. Don’t overdo coffee with too many sugars and heavy creams and try to keep coffee consumption below 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. That’s going to be around four to five cups a day. Oh, something that I tell my patients with high anxiety is be extra careful with how much caffeine you drink.”

Dr. Puja, publisher Health Stuff TO Know

Next Steps: Just like mom has always said, “Everything, but do it in moderation!”

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