The science IS CLEAR: If you want to live longer, start becoming more optimistic!

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The background: A new study shows that higher levels of optimism are associated with a longer life span.

The study looked at people who are over the age of 90 and found that the most optimistic of the people were MORE LIKELY to have a “10% greater chance of living past 90.”

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture here is this: Being optimistic is also good for you physically!

  • People who are optimistic tend to have lower blood pressures.
  • They have lower stress hormones circulating in their bloodstreams.
  • They have better mental health.

The key point: so when you COMBINE all of these things together, you get a combination that almost always leads to a longer life.

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Your take home message is this: life can be hard, but don’t let the day to day struggles bring you down. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, please talk to your doctor about how to take steps to become more optimistic.

Doctor’s quote: You never have to struggle by yourself!

Live longer with optimism
Optimism Leads to a Longer Life