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Will you live longer due to the Protective Phenotype Hypothesis?

Protective phenotype hypothesis



Wanna live longer? Protective Phenotype Hypothesis may have an answer.

The background: You say you want to live longer? Well, science continues to look at how cold blooded animals seem to live MUCH LONGER than other warm blooded animals.

And new research is coming up with some very interesting things that you should know about why cold blooded animals live longer.

Know this: So one thing that the study is putting to an end is the idea that having a fast metabolism means you have a shorter life!

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: The research seems to be finding that there are other factors that come to play. Here’s a scientific term you should know about. And that term is called “Protective Phenotype Hypothesis.”

The Protective Phenotype Hypothesis basically says that animals who have protective traits such as: armored spines, shells, maybe even VENOM…live longer…

It’s these types of animals , those with protective shells, that get to live longer than animals that don’t have protective shells. Scientists are thinking that there’s something about having these outer protective mechanisms which causes the animal to age slowly.

What does this mean for you: Well, not too much at the moment! But, if you want to live longer, you’ve got to do the things SCIENCE has already proven to make HUMANS live longer!!

  • So, please lose some weight.
  • You’ve got to get yourself physically active.
  • You’ve got to keep yourself socially active.
  • Generally try to live an optimistic life.

Your take home message: It’s these types of people, like the ones above, who live longer and… people who are vaccinated!

I’m going to link to a video that I made about the protective benefits of being optimistic. Check it out.👇👇

Mental Health: Live Longer with Optimism.