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Tongue scraping on tiktok
Tongue scraping is the rage. Any Harm in it?

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Tongue Scraping, Good or Bad?

All right, gang. So let’s begin with dental health.

Here’s what you need to know. So a lot of people out there are now suddenly on this fad of scraping their tongue with a tongue scraper.

What we want to know is do doctors recommend tongue scraping as a way to maintain good dental hygiene?

So we talked to Dr. Puja, and this is what she had to say:

“No, it’s not mandatory that you scrape your tongue after you brush your teeth. Scraping your tongue is OK. It’s not a biggie.

But keep in mind, if you feel compelled to scrape your tongue, you need to speak to your doctors to rule out vitamin deficiencies, reflux disease and allergies. If these things are happening your tongue could be irritated. And that’s why scraping brings you relief.”

All right. Thank you, doc. So if you’re just scraping your tongue with a tongue scraper because people on TikTok are doing it, don’t feel bad about yourself.

Just don’t end up damaging your tongue by scraping too hard.

That’s the Health Stuff TO Know.

Cruises & COVID. Royal Caribbean Update

OK! Let’s jump from dental health to COVID Health.

Here’s what you need to know for today.

If you’re going on cruises, and many of you are, Royal Caribbean has a major piece of information you need to know about.

So we all know this. Before we get on a cruise, we’re going to have to show a negative test. But now for people who are doing sequential cruising, that means that they come in and they just stay on the ship or they get off and get right back on.

Royal Caribbean is now saying that you don’t have to get COVID tested.

So, their statement is the following.

“For guests departing from North America or a Caribbean home port on consecutive sailings on the same ship…” customers will not be required to get a new COVID test.

So this is good news. I guess!

The thing I want you to focus on is, of course, that traveling and vacations are good for mental health.

I don’t think there’s any doubt about this. But to maximize your fun and optimize your health, let’s just say the Health Stuff TO Know here.

Make sure that you and your family are traveling while vaccinated and using masks when needed.

That’s the key. Enjoy cruising!

Sleep Health and 7 Hours

All right. Let’s we go from COVID health to Sleep Health, because.. why not?

Why not? Because we sleep on cruise ships. So here’s what you need to know. 7 hours. That’s what a new study is showing.

A study published in Nature Aging is telling us that people who get about 7 hours of sleep each night had better cognitive outcomes than other participants.

The key here, the take-home message, whatever way you want to look at it, this is what you need to focus on: If you’re sleeping longer than 7 hours or if you’re sleeping less than 7 hours, this could be a sign of depression, poor health, or could be even a masked underlying health condition.

So it’s important for you to find out, why am I sleeping more than 7 hours or why am I sleeping less than 7 hours? So, Dr. Puja, we spoke to her. This is what she had to say. This is what she had to add to the equation.

“Stuff like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are some other reasons why you could be getting too much or too little sleep.

It’s important that you get those ruled out because untreated sleep apnea can be damaging your heart and overall sleep health.

I’m going to link below a questionnaire that you can fill out and take to your doctors.

There is no reason to have undiagnosed sleep apnea.

I looked… the study was pretty comprehensive. The benefits of 7 hours a night are everywhere, from better attention spans to better cognitive functions.

It just works!

Mental Health in Your Youth and Chronic Diseases

Jumping from sleep help. Let me take you to Mental Health. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re depressed, in your twenties and thirties, your chances of getting a serious chronic disease when you get older go up quite a bit.

This is key. A new study looked at over 40,000 adults and found that mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

So your take-home message is this: to get the best outcomes, our doctors at Health Stuff TO Know, indicate that you should never be shy in telling your doctor about your mental health struggles, especially when you’re discussing other health issues.

Don’t make the judgment call. Speak to your doctor about it. It’s important for you to understand that having untreated mental health issues can lead to some very serious, bad stuff.

I’m talking about stuff like cancers, diabetes, heart disease & more. You need to speak with your physician and make sure that your mind and body are functioning as a team, united!

So, the key to optimal health in the future is for you to ensure that you enter your forties and fifties with good mental health.

Women & Heart Health. It’s Time to Get Serious

OK, so the last topic for today is going to be Women’s Health.

Look, you can look at a calendar any time and you’ll know that it’s 2022. But guess what? Even in 2022, women are being misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed for heart disease.

A new study is showing that women are more likely than men to dismiss the early warning signs of a heart attack. Sometimes they wait hours before they call 911 or go to a hospital.

What does this all mean?

Doctor Puja had this to say: “You’re not always going to get left arm pain if you’re having a heart attack. Look out for symptoms like feeling suddenly tired, shortness of breath, and pain in your jaw.

These could be signs of a heart attack. And you need to get to the hospital. Oh, yeah. And also women. We need to do this right away. We need to stop downplaying our medical symptoms.

And if you feel that your doctor is downplaying your symptoms, you need to get another doctor. It’s that simple!”

Look, it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Because women tend to display other symptoms for heart attacks, and they wait longer for getting care, they ultimately have worse outcomes.

There’s just no need for this. Not in 2022!

Also, please listen up! The younger women listening… you these days are at a higher risk of heart attacks simply because of issues like high blood pressure and obesity.

So for the women community, it’s important for you to understand that you may not be being diagnosed with heart disease or heart attack issues.

And it’s important for you to speak up.

All right gang! That was our little walk around the human body for today. I want you to come back tomorrow and I ask you, please share these files.

Please share this podcast with your friends and loved ones. Everything you listen to does not have to apply to you directly.

You may know someone struggling with these issues, and it may help them to get some clarity directly from doctors.

So that’s what we do from health stuff to know. I hope to see you tomorrow. Pip. Pip. Cheerio.

Bye bye!