Reduce Stress Tips

A common question people ask: how can I reduce stress in my life?

⭐ ONE way to reduce stress in your life is to ask yourself another question: “Am I stressed because the delivery man was looking stressed?”

🙀 I’d like you to know that stress can be contagious!!

🧠 Our brains are truly miracles of nature and science! When you see another face that’s under stress, your brain undergoes a process called MIRRORING. Your brain actually starts to mimic and take on the other person’s stress.

✅ One way to ensure that you don’t fall into the MIRRORING trap is to just ask yourself: “Who do these emotions belong to?” OR, ask yourself: “Am I responding to my own concern, or have I picked up my friend’s stress?”

Do this often. And, also, anxiety and stress can be signs of mental health issues. So please talk to your healthcare team!

👉 Here’s a great video on how to not mirror other people’s stress.

Infographic Reduce Stress Tips 👇

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Reduce Stress Tips