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You can now extend your newsroom with expert localized health news coverage.

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You get to Deliver more News That’s In Demand

Our team of physicians creates multimedia evidence-based content that empowers your audience and extends your vital newsroom offerings.

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You get to keep the revenue that stems from your Audience

You keep 100% of your ad sales against our content. Digital and Print.

On the Record: This is Not Advertorial Health Content.

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What’s the Pitch?

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Customize your content flow and cadence.
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Start providing in demand & valuable content to your audience.
Plus, you get to immediately monetize a new revenue stream.
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A Source You Can Trust

Healthcare Professionals Only

We provide unbiased physician-generated insights for your readers.

No snake oil or found in these parts.

Evidence Based

Our content adheres to scientific and medical principles.

Local Health

Health news and healthcare deserts rejoice!

Your audience deserves this.

Editorial Integrity

No paid links.

No advertisements.

No sponsored content.

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We cover a very comprehensive range of health topics. This ensures that your audience remains informed on the latest medical breakthroughs and practical wellness advice.

Some coverage includes:

  1. Breaking Health News: Daily updates on the latest medical research and health discoveries.
  2. Chronic Disease Management: Actionable insights for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
  3. Mental Health & Wellness: From stress management to depression awareness.
  4. Nutrition & Diet: Evidence-based advice on healthy eating and dietary trends.
  5. Fitness & Exercise: Practical tips for staying active at any age.
  6. Women’s & Men’s Health: Gender-specific health concerns and preventive care.
  7. Child & Adolescent Health: Parenting advice and pediatric health updates.
  8. Senior Health: Aging-related topics and healthy longevity strategies.
  9. Public Health Issues: Coverage of epidemics, vaccinations, and community health initiatives.
  10. Alternative & Complementary Medicine: Objective looks at non-traditional therapies.

Our physician team distills complex health information into actionable advice. This builds trust and helps your audience make informed decisions about their well-being.

We tailor topic and contents with the latest data and metrics that are localized to your community’s specific framework.

Our content is crafted by a team of 25+ practicing physicians. Everything we produce is based on strict evidence-based guidelines. Each piece of content undergoes a peer review before publication. This ensures top-tier, scientifically accurate, actionable health information.

Hyperlocal Health Insights, Tailored for Your Community.

  • Data-Driven Customization: We leverage the latest local health metrics to tailor topics and content specifically for your community.
  • Targeted Newsletter Personalization: Our newsletters allow your audience to select their precise health interests, ensuring highly relevant content delivery.
  • Granular Content Control: Publishers can fine-tune topic selection to align perfectly with local health priorities and reader preferences.
  • Maximized Engagement: By providing locally relevant, personalized health content, we help you significantly boost reader interest and interaction.
  • Multimedia: We’re more than just articles. You get shor-form video and audio selections as well. This too is available for all your platforms.

From broad community health trends to individual reader preferences, our flexible platform ensures your health coverage is always on point and engaging

We offer fresh content daily, but you control the your own publishing frequency. Whether you want daily, weekly, or biweekly updates–it’s entirely up to you and your editorial discretion.

You set the pace that works best for your publication and readers.

Our flexible licensing allows you to use the content across all your platforms: print, digital, and social media. Maximize your reach and engage readers wherever they are.

Our revenue model aims for fairness and equity. We welcome and will consider alternative proposals.

The Details:

Our Offering to Publishers:

  1. Free, High-Quality Content: Receive physician-written health articles at absolutely no cost.
  2. You retain 100% of Local Ad Revenue. You keep all revenue from ads you sell against our content.
  3. Risk-Free Enhancement: Improve your health coverage without financial investment.

Our Revenue Model:

  1. We generate income through our own sourced sponsorships and advertisements. These will run only in the newsletters.
  2. Non-Intrusive Approach: Our ads won’t interfere with your local ad sales or impact the integrity of our content.
  3. Revenue Sharing: You will receive 25% of revenue from our sourced ads; we retain 75%.
  4. Newsletter Focus: We only place ads in our health newsletters. We will not surface ads in your digital or print platforms.

Mutual Benefits:

  1. Win-Win Partnership: Our success depends on providing value to you and your readers.
  2. Dual Growth: You receive premium content that generates revenue; we expand through national partnerships.
  3. Unique Proposition: This model offers a risk-free way to enhance health coverage and boost your bottom line.

We believe this approach presents a unique opportunity for news publishers to significantly improve their health content offerings while creating new revenue streams, all without any upfront costs or risks.

It’s a model designed for mutual benefit while offering a risk-free way to enhance your health coverage and boost your bottom line.

Primum non nocere. We’re offering this service to address critical gaps in health information delivery and access across America:

  1. Combat Health Information Deserts: Many regions in America, particularly rural and underserved areas, lack access to reliable, localized health information. Our service aims to strengthen these ‘information deserts’ with trustworthy, relevant health content.
  2. Bridge Healthcare Access Gaps: In areas with limited healthcare facilities or provider shortages, accurate health information becomes even more crucial. We provide actionable health insights that can help readers make informed decisions, potentially reducing the impact of physical access barriers.
  3. Empower Local Journalism: By providing high-quality, physician-written health content, we’re enabling local news outlets to serve their communities with reliable health information they might not otherwise have the resources to produce.
  4. Enhance Public Health: Our goal is to improve health literacy and outcomes by making expert health insights easily accessible to diverse communities across the country, including those in medically underserved areas.
  5. Support Sustainable Publishing: We believe in the vital role of local news, especially in areas that may be news deserts as well as health information deserts. By offering this content for free and allowing publishers to monetize it, we’re contributing to the financial sustainability of local journalism.
  6. Address Health Disparities: By providing customizable, locally relevant health content, we aim to address specific health concerns and disparities that may be prevalent in different communities across America.

Ultimately, we see this as a multi-faceted solution: publishers get quality content and a new revenue stream, readers receive trustworthy health information tailored to their local context, and we fulfill our mission of improving public health through information, particularly in areas that need it most.

By partnering with local and regional publishers, we can reach into America’s health information deserts and contribute to better informed, healthier communities.

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