Processed and ultraprocessed foods can harm brain development


Yup, ultrprocessed foods can harm brain development

Are highly processed foods bad for children? Why, yes! Yes, they are!

The background: A new study finds a STRONG ASSOCIATION between consuming more ultra processed foods and lower levels of physical fitness in children.

Not surprisingly, the study also found the children and teenagers who consumed a lot of older processed foods were at a much higher risk of DEVELOPING HEART DISEASE when they became adults.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

Here’s what you need to know: According to the study, children who ate ultra processed foods had much lower locomotor skills compared to children who didn’t eat ultra processed foods.

The findings of the study are a big deal because it may mean that eating these types of foods could be preventing our brain from developing normally

The big picture: We’ve got to REDUCE the amount of ultra-processed foods like store bought pizza, sweetened juices, & cereals!