page title icon Summer Means Increased Lyme Disease Risk

Bannister Wolfe: Bannister here, let’s continue to Think Healthy. Now that summer is here, outdoor activities are going to start in earnest. It’s time to take some preventative measures against Lyme disease.

Doctor Puja: “HI Bannister! Yep, summer activities like camping, hiking, and just being in wooded areas can all contribute to Lyme disease. Now this is what I want everyone listening to know. Lyme disease is actually more common than what people expect.

Some of the more common symptoms are fatigue, joint pain, and you may find swollen lymph nodes. I want you to know that Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection and simple antibiotics will do the trick.”

“But you must go see your doctor! Because untreated Lyme disease can lead to serious life-threatening complications.”

Bannister Wolfe: Look, the takeaway here is this: Go enjoy your life. Spend time outdoors, but if you’re in areas where there’s a lot of Lyme disease, just make sure that you’re wearing protective boots and clothing.