page title icon Sleep More and Sleep Well.

Bannister here, let’s continue

to Think Healthy.

Today we talk about the chances

of getting dementia.

Recently, Nature

Communications published a major study.

Basically, the study found

that people over the age of 50–who

slept less than six hours per night–had


developing dementia–when

it was compared to people

who slept around 7 hours per night!

Hi Bannister!

The study looked at people

over a 25 period.

And it found that the risk of dementia

went up for all sorts of people.

So, look, the study suggests

that when we sleep less,

many functions of our body are disrupted.

And THIS increases

the chances of getting dementia.

BUT, this does not mean that

if you sleep less, you’re

going to get dementia.

Our bodies are extremely complicated

and many times you’re going to find that

there are more than one

contributing factors for a disease.

So, sleep more if you can!

Rest more if you can!


don’t get yourself into panic

if you’re sleeping less

than 7 hours a night.

As always,

talk to your health care provider!

And that’s Doctor Puja.