page title icon Listeria Fears Lead to Ice Cream Recall.

Listeria & Ice Cream, yup it’s a thing. 🍦


Bannister Wolfe: Bannister here, Let’s continue to think healthy. Today. We’re going to talk about an ice cream recall and the problems that could come from a bacterial infestation. Let’s talk about listeria.

Dr. Puja: Hi Bannister, you’re right, Listeria is a bacteria and it’s usually found in unpasteurized dairy products. So the reason why Listeria can be so dangerous is that it can harm people who have weak immune systems. Little kiddos pregnant women, and the elderly all are at higher risk for developing bad symptoms. Listeria is a big deal because it can cause an infection of the brain. It can cause high fevers, headaches & confusion, and frankly, that’s not a good thing. I think it’s great that the company is doing a recall before there is any spreading of the bacteria.

Bannister Wolfe: Well, tell me this Doc? Is there anything we can do to keep Listeria out of our life?

Dr. Puja: Yep. Key thing don’t consume unpasteurized dairy products.