page title icon Incretins could be a new promising class of weight-loss medicines

Prescription weight-loss medication can make losing weight easier. Today Dr. Puja talks about incretins as a new class of weight-loss medicines. Listen. 👆


Bannister Wolfe: Hi Bannister here! Let’s continue to Think Healthy. Today we’re going to talk to Doctor Puja, Chief Medical Officer of ThinkHealthy.Doctor. We’re going to ask her about this new type of medicine, which will result in weight loss.

So, what’s up?

Doctor Puja Uppal: “Hi Bannister, so yeah, these newer medications will be welcome news indeed. Fighting obesity is a very complex matter. Your body is fighting so many different things & this makes losing weight really difficult. A lot of times, dieting or exercising just aren’t enough.”

Bannister Wolfe: So, how are these medicines going to work?

Doctor Puja Uppal: “They work by changing the hormones that your brain produces. These medicines will make you feel fuller & these medicines are going to slow down your digestion. This means that the food you’re eating is going to be digested a lot more slowly.

Look, Bannister, over 42% of America is obese & obesity-related diseases like diabetes are destroying people’s lives. So these medications are awesome because they help treat the many underlying things that cause obesity.

And I’ll have more information in my newsletter! I’m Doctor Puja. And, let’s continue to Think Healthy!”

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Weight Loss and Incretins