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Drinking IN Excess can harm.


Bannister Wolfe: Bannister here, let’s continue to Think Healthy. Since summer has come upon us. Let’s talk to Doctor Puja, Chief Medical Officer of Think Healthy about summer drinks and alcohol.

Doctor Puja: Hi Banister! So, I hear a lot of people justifying that they love drinking mint juleps because the drink contains mint, and mint has some supposed antimicrobial properties. Well no! The amount of mint in any drink is so less that it does nothing for your body.

But, you know what does? The Alcohol! We all know that excessive alcohol drinking has very negative effects on our heart, on our liver, and society in general.

So my message to you, as you do some summer drinking, is not to do things in excess. Drink your mint juleps. But, don’t lie to yourself about its healing properties. So, enjoy your drink, but do it in moderation. As always, there’s more in our newsletter: Think Healthy.