page title icon COVID-19 Vaccines are keeping People out of Hospitals


Bannister Wolfe: Bannister here, Let’s continue to Think Healthy. How about I give you One more reason to get vaccinated?

Doctor Puja: This is what I want everyone listening to know. If you’re over the age of 65, both Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine, are showing overwhelming evidence that their vaccines are preventing hospitalizations from COVID. That means that if you happen to get covid after you’ve been vaccinated, the chances of you getting hospitalized, are almost non-existent.

Bannister, I can’t tell you enough how great this news is.

It basically means that if you’re vaccinated, the chances of you getting severely ill are almost gone.

Bannister Wolfe: And, that’s Doctor Puja. So, it’s worth repeating. Please get vaccinated because once you do & then if you happen to get covid–guess what? You’re less likely to be seriously ill. Go get vaccinated!