New study says you don’t need Vitamin D for bone health

You don't need vitamin d supplements for bone health
New evidence about Vitamin D and bone health shows something important.

It’s in the news:  A new study is showing that vitamin D pills and calcium do not help protect bones from fractures. 

This is huge news because it runs counter to what a lot of doctors, health care providers, and everybody else have been saying for a long time!

The Expert Opinion:  This study (Primary Source) basically shows that a very specific group of people benefit from Vitamin D therapy. These are people who:

  1. Have a Vitamin D deficiency.
  2. Have autoimmune diseases like Celiac.
  3. Have inflammatory disease like Chron’s. 

For the rest of the people, taking extra vitamin D pills did not seem to provide any added value.

Why this matters:  If you’re concerned that you may need Vitamin D in your life, the best step is to actually go in and talk to your doctor. A simple blood test will let you know if you’re deficient in Vitamin D.

Otherwise, save your money and don’t take unnecessary Vitamin D.

And, No, a lack of Vitamin-D does not cause Dementia either.

Naturally, vitamin D can be found in foods like: cod liver oil, dairy and plant based milks, sardines, and more.

Expert Quote: (New York Times) “Providers should stop screening for 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels or recommending vitamin D supplements and people should stop taking vitamin D supplements in order to prevent major diseases or extend life,” wrote Dr. Steven R. Cummings, a research scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, and Dr. Clifford Rosen, a senior scientist at the the Maine Health Institute for Research. Dr. Rosen is an editor at The New England Journal of Medicine.”

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