New study about antibiotics and athletic performance.

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Does Bad Gut Health Wreck Athletic Performance?


Do antibiotics harm athletic performance?

The background: A new study from the University of California-Riverside, shows that if you take A LOT of antibiotics, your willpower to exercise goes down, and your athletic performance completely stagnates!

Important fact: This study was done on mice and not on human beings. But the idea here is, that maybe something COULD BE learned from this.

The Doctor’s Expert Insights:

The big picture: The study looked at your microbiome and how it affected your will to go and workout.

The study found that AFTER mice were given heavy doses of antibiotics, which essentially kill their gut bacteria, their desire to workout decreased.

  • Before antibiotics these mice were enjoying life, running around a little circles, then suddenly stopped running on the wheel after getting antibiotics!

Here’s what you need to know: this news has all the extreme athletes paying attention to this! Because a lot of them have said that, WHEN they’re on antibiotics their ability to workout is greatly reduced.

What’s to learn: This study and thousands like it are continuing to add to our understanding of our gut health and our microbiome.

Take home message: It’s adding to our understanding that if we don’t have a HEALTHY GUT, we may not have a healthy mind and body, as well.

Antibiotics harm gut health