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In today’s letter: MIGRAINES AND HAZY Feelings! 

As you know, there’s so much medical information out there, & many times, the information is presented by people who aren’t experts or doctors. 

And, unfortunately, this can cause bad information to get into the conversation. So, we’re changing that!  

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👉Recently, Allure magazine wrote an article about migraines & headaches.  They looked at that hazy feeling we get after migraines.

In the article, they’re using the word “Migraine Hangover,” but in the world of medicine, we call these hazy feeling symptoms: “cortical spreading depressions.

When we’re experiencing the symptoms of haziness after a migraine, generally, that’s our brain’s natural way of healing and “resetting” from the migraine. 

Taking preventative migraine medications is the best way to reduce the haziness that we get after migraines. 

One of the most common types of medicines for the prevention of migraines is called a “Beta-Blocker.

If you have chronic migraines and struggle with those hazy symptoms, it may be time to talk to your healthcare team.

Try keeping a symptom diary to track your headaches. Record the date of the migraine, how long the haziness lasted, and if there were any specific things or triggers that started the migraine.

Create Something Like this:

  1. Date: 
  2. Symptoms:
  3. What started it:

Take this to your doctor and share it!

I’ll have more tomorrow.


Dr. Puja 

Founder of Think Healthy Doctor