Brain & Mental Health Newsletter: Is Lifting Weights Good for my Mental Health?

I keep hearing that lifting any amount of weight is good for my health. Is this true?

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✅ Doctor’s Answer:

Yup, here’s more proof as to why you need to add some weight training to your life!

  • Weight training helps you with weight loss.
  • As you build muscles–even, just a bit–you end up with stronger bones.
  • And, that’s always good.

Another key point to know is that you can start weight training at any time in your life. You and your body will see positive results and benefits very quickly.

  • So, if you’re able to do so, hit the weights.

🧨 Keep in mind: You don’t have to become a bodybuilder.

Why do my hands look older than I am?

First things first. This is a normal part of aging and a lot can be done to fix the problem!

Don’t be shy or embarrassed to talk to your doctor about your hands.  

  1. Wearing sunscreen
  2. Using products that contain hyaluronic acid
  3. Use products like Aveeno, Neutrogena, and others to make the skin on your hand look younger.

I would like you to know: Age spots & liver spots do keep getting darker. To fix this: always wear sunscreen. 

📢 Please understand: UV light can make the spots get darker.

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Are Liver Detox Drinks a Good Idea?

The problem with liver detox drinks is that they sound good. BUT, they are in fact dangerous.

Your liver does not need extra help to detox your body. That’s why we have a liver. Let it do its job.

Also, if you’re on certain medicines, taking fake liver detox drinks can end up causing more harm.

If you’re taking medicines such as Statins or diabetes medicines such as Metformin, liver detoxes reduce your body’s ability to break down those medicines.

And, that’s not good. So, please don’t do it.

Is my phone giving me cancer?

Currently, there’s one clear answer. NO.

Your phone is not giving you cancer.

But, the way science and medicine work…if there is more evidence in the future that indicates that your body is at risk, we will have to change our view.

Currently, the data that’s being used to show that there is some cancer risk in using your smartphone is mostly flawed.

The take-home message is: don’t be afraid to use your smartphone.

Are Fibroids Cancerous?

✅ Doctor’s Answer:

Uterine fibroids can be very dangerous to women.

I’d like you to understand that many women, especially women of color, are not being diagnosed enough.

Undiagnosed uterine fibroids can cause serious health complications.

  • Anemia
  • Fertility Issues
  • Heavy and irregular menstrual cycles.

➡ The most common symptom would be heavy and irregular menstrual cycles. If you continue to experience this, it may be time to get an ultrasound.

There’s simply NO REASON why you have to endure these symptoms. Go talk to your doctor and healthcare team.

⭐Having fibroids does NOT MEAN that you have cancer. Don’t be afraid.

Jada Pinkett Smith talks openly about her drug and alcohol use. 

Is there anything we can learn from this?

Yes, we need to understand that women are drinking now more than ever.

Some interesting reasons why women are drinking more these days is:

  • The feeling that we can drink low calorie drinks.
  • There is a normalization of binge drinking in the culture.
  • Drinking is often used to hide a mental health problem.

What can I do? Please understand that women, for some reason, have more adverse effects to heavy drinking.


  • Can get cancer sooner.
  • Can get drunk sooner.
  • Can get heart issues sooner.

👉 So, talk to your doctor if you find that you’re drinking more than 1 drink per day.

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