Here’s why hot tub Rash and Smoothies can pose summer trouble.

Below are 2 things our doctors think you should know.

Summer’s here! This means two things for sure: drinking lots of smoothies & spending time in a hot tub!  Exciting.

It’s important to understand a few things before you enjoy your lazy summer evenings. 

  • Too many smoothies; and, too many trips to the hot tub can have negative health effects. 
  • Hot Tub Rash
  • Smoothies and Excess Calories
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Expert Opinion 👇

First with smoothies. 

They have some hidden risks: 

  1. Excess sugar
  2. Excess calories.

Because everything is blended – – we lose sight of what’s in the smoothies. 

Know this: If you’re eating whole foods & whole fruits — 

  1. You not only end up eating less, 
  2. Your brain gets signals from your belly: “Hey, we’re full!”

Think about it:  would you eat 5 apples in one sitting? No, not likely! But, when consuming blended drinks, excess calories and sugars enter the fray.

For next time:  Moderation is key. You feel like drinking a smoothie:  go for it!  But, don’t do it every day & try eating whole foods.

Take home message:  

  1. Limit your smoothies
  2. Don’t add excess sugar to your smoothies.
  3. Keep an eye on how many fruits and other “sweet” things are being added.  

With summer, come drinks & hot tubs!

Hot tubs can help with sore muscles and they definitely provide some level of mental relaxation. 

Be Smart:  2 hidden dangers that I want you to be aware of:

  1. Hot water is a natural relaxant.  It causes your blood pressure to fall just a bit.  Now mix that with alcohol. And, you could be facing some trouble.
  2. Why? 
    1. Because, when you’ve had one too many, your blood pressure also falls.  

The big picture:  dizziness, lightheadedness, & possibly passing out are some of the risks of mixing alcohol and hot tubs.

Sitting in the hot tub for a long period of time also puts you at risk of catching an infection if the tub or water is not clean.  

Expert Opinion 👇

  • You can get infected with a bacterial infection of the hair follicles 
  • One of the symptoms of this infection:  bumps and zits all over your body.

Worth noting: to reduce the risk of this infection, don’t sit in a tub if you have open sores or wounds.  Second, take a nice shower AFTER the hot tub session. Use soap and lather up quite a bit!  This will reduce the likelihood of pseudomonas folliculitis.

Take home message:  Make sure you shower & use soap after getting out of the hot tub.