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Women’s Health

For women in their 40’s, high blood pressure may carry special risks.

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The New York Times recently published an article that looks at the risks women face with high blood pressure.  The key point of the article is that women who have even slightly higher blood pressures in their 40s have a higher risk of heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks later in life. 

This is important for you: You need to understand that even slightly elevated Blood Pressure is something that women should pay extra attention to.

Why should you care: Oral contraceptives, smoking, hormonal changes, obesity, diabetes, & sleep apnea all increase a woman’s risk of developing high blood pressure.  And, oftentimes, these conditions are ignored by younger women. 

What’s next: The bottom line:  If you or a loved one is in their 40s—it’s time to focus on blood pressure! Your goal should be getting your BP to as close as you can to 120/80.  Even slightly higher blood pressures such as 130/90 may increase your risk of heart disease, strokes, and early death. 

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Usually, high blood pressure, in our society, is considered an old man’s disease.  It’s time for women, especially younger women, to recognize that they are also at risk to the negative effects of high blood pressure.  Pay attention!

Heart Health

Coconut Oil Healthy?

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Look, consuming coconut oil once in a while is ok.  But, keep in mind, the health claims that advertisers make about the benefits of coconut oil are not always true.  Also, please keep in mind:  If you’ve already had a heart attack or stroke: stay away from coconut oil! 

Everybody needs to understand that too much coconut oil can: Increase your cholesterol, clog your arteries, & this can result in increased heart attacks and strokes.

The take-home message: Coconut oil once in a while is ok. Don’t overdo it!

Food Addiction

This Is Your Brain on Junk Food!

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The Expert Opinion

This is a great book to read. The book and article show how large corporations have gone out of their way to ensure that certain ‘junk’ foods are addictive and pleasurable to consume.

I want you to understand that overeating is not always your fault.   Don’t be shy when talking to your healthcare team about obesity and your food cravings.

The take-home message: Food addiction is a real disease & many food companies rely on this addiction to make their food more attractive.  It’s important for you to understand this point and move positively towards your weight loss goals.

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Mental Health

Laughing Gas for the Treatment of Depression?


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So look: the research around medicines and treatments for depression will continue to evolve.  That’s what science does!  At any given moment more than 40 million Americans are in some stage of depression. So, it’s a big deal. This article looks at using laughing gas as a way to treat depression.  The treatment would be laughing gas (aka Nitrous Oxide) through a mask and; and you’d inhale it to get its supposed benefits.  

Currently:  Taking laughing gas for the treatment of depression is something that doctors would not suggest.  Because the treatment of depression through this mechanism is not yet standardized and the research is just starting. 

The take-home message:  Please do not go out and self-medicate through whippets or other treatments.  The risks of using whippets include paralysis or sometimes, even death.

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Written by Dr. Puja Uppal, DO.  June 14, 2021