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Well. Hello. Hello. Good morning to you. Let’s take a walk around the body. I’ve got seven health stories for you written by and vetted by our team of physicians here at health stuff to know. We won’t waste any time. Let’s jump right into it. So here’s story number one, Food Health. An article in The Guardian newspaper does a great job talking about the benefits of coffee.

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And we’re going to link that article below. So, here’s what you need to know. Dr. Neligh, researcher at the French Medical Institute, had this to say: Coffee has over 1000 compounds in it, and we’re just starting to research and understand them. She talks about the fact that coffee increases alertness but also increases relaxation. For some people, coffee is a way to stay awake, whereas others need coffee to fall asleep.

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Dr. Neligh is researching these confusing perspectives of coffee. She said that they have the evidence that coffee contains compounds that are good for the heart. Black coffee offers protection against diabetes. And coffee does not increase the risk to cancer. But of course, with all this good news, there has to be some common sense. And here’s what Dr. Puja, publisher of Health Stuff to Know, had to say:

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Dr. Puja
“Just remember, folks, with caffeine comes calories. Don’t overdo coffee with too many sugars and heavy creams and try to keep coffee consumption below 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. That’s going to be around four to five cups a day. Oh, something that I tell my patients with high anxiety is be extra careful with how much caffeine you drink.”

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Just like mom has always said: Everything, but do it in moderation!

Weight Loss News

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And looking at story number two comes to us from the world of weight loss. So the evidence continues to mount that cutting calories and eating at the right time of the day leads to longer life, at least for mice. A new study published by the Harvard Hughes Medical Institute shows that calorie restriction when combined with time restrictive eating, actually boosts your life.

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You live longer. So here’s what you need to know. The study argues that the benefits of calorie restriction are most seen when you eat during your active hours. So for us humans, we’re talking about when we’re often about, that means in the middle of the day, maybe towards the evening, but we should restrict are eating during the late night sessions.

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The benefits of eating during active hours included weight loss, improved glucose regulation, a lower blood pressure, and overall reduce inflammation in your body. That’s all good stuff. All right. And our doctors take home message for this was that look, this is a study that was done in mice, not in humans. So we’ve got some work to do. Second, we’re definitely learning more about our bodies metabolism and how it responds to eating at the right time.

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But this is what we know for a fact. Eating during our down hours, eating late at night. Those have huge negative effects to our overall health Jumping from weight loss.

Let’s move on to diabetes health. Here’s what you need to know for today. The FDA has approved a new medicine to treat type two diabetes Share this with anyone you know who’s on type two diabetes medications.

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The new drug is called her turns appetite. So the news is making the rounds because this medicine is going to be delivered by injection. And you only need to get it once a week. So we spoke to Dr. Publisher of Health Stuff to Know, and this is what she had to say.

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Dr. Puja
This is great news. We need all the tools available to fight her battle against diabetes. Turns out the tide belongs to a class of medicines that’s proven to reduce both your weight and agency. That’s great. But there’s something that we don’t know yet. We don’t know if this medicine is also going to be effective in providing heart health protection.

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Dr. Puja
And that is a very important if you have diabetes. So I’m telling my patients for now, this news is great. Your doctor may prescribe tears, appetite to you. Just make sure you talk to your doctor about other medicines that are also proven to provide heart health protection if you have diabetes.

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Thank you, doc. And for now, please keep in mind the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. And the medicine, unfortunately, may not be available from all insurance carriers. Talk to your doctors about it.

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Well, we’re moving fast, aren’t we? Off to mental health. So this is what you need to know. There’s a new study out, and the news, unfortunately, is not so good. The study showed that most young people who are struggling for mental health issues are not being treated effectively. In fact, over half of all young people struggling with mental health issues are not being treated properly.

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The study showed that young people in this case, it’s people between the ages of 18 and 25. These young people were not being treated due to issues of cost, social stigma and even fear of job repercussions. Not to sound too condescending here, but listen, we’ve got to do better. The article in Time magazine said it best. Untreated depression can be dangerous.

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Our team of doctors here at Health Stuff to Know would like you to know that many of the medicines for mental health are actually available very cheaply. A quick search and good hour showed that some medicines could be had for as little as $4.42 for the entire month. Please, please understand that untreated or self treated mental health can put you in a very negative space.

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You don’t deserve that care and help is available. Go talk to your doctor.

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OK. Jumping from that piece of mental health. Let’s go on to another story in the world of mental health. So another medicine is making the news. It’s called Hell Break. This is a new non stimulant medicine that’s been approved for ADHD. And here’s what you need to know. Halle Berry is a non stimulant medication that raises the level of the neurotransmitter and hormone nor epinephrine in your brain by increasing the amount of nor epinephrine you actually are increasing the amount of dopamine in your brain.

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And this helps for those who have ADHD. Now, one problem with this medicine is that it’s expensive. It’s going to be roughly $320 or so a month. The good news here is that doctors already have a good set of medicines that they can prescribe, which do the exact thing that Calgary does. For example, we talked to a doctors Wellbutrin, and Effexor is what they talked about.

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These two medicines have effects that are similar to Calgary, that have results that are similar to Calgary, and they’re much, much cheaper. A quick search and good hour showed me that I can get a monthly dose of Wellbutrin for as little as $7 a month. Now we said this here before. Please understand that untreated or self treated mental health can put you in a very negative space.

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You don’t deserve that. Care and help are available Go and talk to your doctor.

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All right. Jumping to our last story, I’m going to talk to you about senior health. Here’s what you need to know. We know that most vitamin supplements don’t work, but here is a list of some medically proven vitamins that you may need as you get older for Optimum Brain Health. So if you’re over 55, listen up. Vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin D, and you need to make sure that you’re not deficient in some micronutrients like iron.

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You need these for good, optimal mental health. You’re going to go take a blood test to determine if you have low levels of these in your system. And if the results indicate that you’ve got low B12, B6, zinc, iron, whatever. Then your health team will most likely prescribe you OTC supplements to fix the deficiency. It’s a very common myth that as we get older, our brain functions are automatically reduced.

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It’s simply not the case. Here’s what Dr. Zak at Health Stuff. You know how to say this is not true at all. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You may need supplements here and there, and that’s because your body needs them. And that’s OK. All right, gang. That was our walk around the human body. I hope you had fun.

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And as always, share this with someone who may need this information. This is not all just for you. I hope to see you tomorrow. Pip. Cheerio.

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Dr. Puja
Bye bye.

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