Hangxiety from Drinking Is Dangerous

The Big Picture: Alcohol can really mess with your mental health.

What is Hangxiety?

  • Many people don’t realize that they can experience a lot of anxiety during their hangover.
  • Your dopamine levels in your brain decrease after heavy drinking. And, this can cause anxiety the next day.
  • Not everyone experiences Hangxiety.
  • Hangxiety can cause you harm as you recover from your hangover.

Your Next Steps:

  • Don’t let this overwhelm you. You need to talk to your doctor about your alcohol use.
  • You need to let them know that you can get “extra” anxious after drinking.
  • This information allows your healthcare team to make better decisions with you about your mental health.

The content appeared in CNN: Why you may experience ‘hangxiety’ during a hangover

What is hangxiety
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