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COVID in the AIR

How to get COVID out of the air❓

“You want the smoker to sit close to the window,” Dr. Saad said. “That’s exactly what we did here.”  He’s talking about airflow

New York Times

Expert Opinion 👇

This is important:  Moving air rapidly out of a building is very important to make the environment safer.  Corona is airborne, that’s why we don’t want heavy concentrations of contaminated air to stay in one particular area for a long period of time.  

For next time:  There’s nothing wrong with having a large fan blowing in the background when you have people over. 


What’s up with these variants of COVID? ✈

🌎 The Globe is facing the Delta Variant.

Expert Opinion 👇

Look, these variants are most likely going to keep coming.  This happens because viruses mutate all the time. 

And, this means that we could see a worse form of Corona in the future OR we may not.

What you need to know: I’d like you to know that being vaccinated is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.  The best thing!


Is food addiction real? 🧠

📰 For sure, it’s real. There’s no doubt about it!

Expert Opinion 👇

I think, for the most part, people know that. Food activates our brain’s ‘reward centers.’

What you should know:  the weight loss & food industry have gone out of their way to put the blame on you and your choices.  

Also:  The medical community now is getting more comfortable looking at overeating as an addiction rather than just a choice.

Safe Space:  You need to talk to a doctor who listens to you and doesn’t always blame & shame your food choices.


Can food choices influence cancer risk? 🍴


Dr. Uppal, Think Healthy.

Expert Opinion 👇

Where we stand: food choices without a doubt can raise your chances of cancer.  Highly processed foods and almost any type of food that increases your obesity can influence cancer risk.  

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Highly processed
  • Super Grilled meats
  • Excess alcohol & sugar.

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What’s up with chronic constipation? 💩

Expert Opinion 👇

You need to understand:  chronic constipation can happen for a lot of reasons.

Among them:

  • Not drinking enough water,
  • Not exercising,
  • Not eating enough fiber.

Laxative choices should be ‘gentle.’  All laxatives are not the same.  Simple choices like Miralax go a long way to free you up 🙂 

Key Fact: Colon cleanses are not medically indicated. Period.


Poor hygiene & depression are a thing. ♥

Expert Opinion 👇

It’s not all the same: one way depression exhibits itself is actually a lack of personal hygiene.

  • It’s gonna look like the person’s no longer showering regularly.
  • They’re not brushing their teeth, they’re not taking care of themselves physically.

What’s Important to Know: oftentimes, parents, caregivers, and individuals ignore these outward visible symptoms because they don’t want to comment on outward appearances. But, as a loved one, this is something I think you should at least start considering.

If you see a sudden drop off in the personal hygiene habits of yourself or your loved ones…this may be a sign of depression, and it’s worth having a conversation together with your doctor & health care team!

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Written by Dr. Puja Uppal, DO.  June 25, 2021