A doctor provides a better and more efficient way to a flatter stomach.

If you’re looking for that classic flat stomach, or if you’re a normal person just looking to lean up the belly area, you need to understand that two major muscle groups are being ignored by people who are looking for a more efficient way to a flatter stomach.

People generally ignore the:

  1. Transverse Abdominis Muscles.
  2. Pelvic Floor Muscles.

The big picture: your stomach/belly region is made up of multiple muscle groups. By focusing on just one type of muscle or muscle group, you’re not going to get a flat or leaner stomach.

Good exercises to do for flat stomachs

The Doctor’s Main Points: Instead of becoming a “situp junkie,” try adding these exercises to your regimen.

Exercise the Transverse Abdominis Muscles.

  1. These muscles play a huge role in the strength and shape of a flat stomach.
  2. Do exercises such as the Pilates 100, Side Planks, & the Dead Bug.
  • These exercises strengthen your Transverse Abdominis muscles & can immediately start affecting the shape and body of the stomach area.

Exercise the Pelvic Floor Muscles

  1. These muscles play a major role in holding up your pelvic floor.
  2. Do exercises such as the Bridge and simple squats.
  3. These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and affect the shape and body of your stomach.

You need to know that the pelvic muscles pull up the bottom part of your core. And, the Transverse Abdominis muscles essentially wrap around your entire core. When these two muscle groups are used, you’re essentially getting a “whole stomach” exercise.

This will result in the rapid reshaping of your body.

Close the Loop:

  • This applies to men and women.
  • If you’re having a difficult time doing exercises that focus on the pelvic floor or Transverse Abdominis, your doctor can refer you to a pelvic floor physical therapist.
  • Certain cancers can cause excessive abdominal bloating.
  • If you’re experiencing bloating that does not go away. It’s worth your time to get an evaluation to ensure that nothing serious is at play.

Keep in mind that having a lean core will ensure that you reduce the chances of falls. So, enjoy working out your stomachs. You don’t need a 6 pack. You just need a lean & strong core!

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