Clock gene mutation may contribute to autism

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A new study is showing that “Clock gene mutation found to contribute to the development of autism.


Who’s this for:

  1. for anyone who has autism.  
  2. for anybody in your life who has autism.
  3. for anybody who’s just interested in autism. 

What are some points I should focus on?

We’ve known for some time now… people with autism have a difficult time with sleep.

A new study is showing that people with autism may have a mutation in their clock genes. Clock genes help set our circadian rhythm.

Doctor’s Opinion

What should I do next?

Issues like reflux & obstructive sleep apnea can also lead to sleeping problems for people with autism. These issues also need to be assessed and treated.

Keep in mind: this study doesn’t prove that all sleeping problems in people with autism are happening because of mutations in their clock genes.

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