Can medicines go bad in a heat wave?

Medicines go bad in heat wave

It’s in the news: It is really true, that this heatwave can make my medicines go bad?

What they’re saying: The New York Times and many other papers are talking about how medicines can go bad if they’re left outside in this heat wave. The question becomes: is this true?

The Expert’s Opinion: Yes, for sure, many medicines can go bad if they’re left in high temperatures outside. A very common blood pressure medicine, Lisinopril needs to be kept at room temperature between 60 F and 85 F. If the temperature gets over this level, the medicine can break down and not be as effective.

What to do next: Keep in mind, with increasing temperatures, it’s not just your medicines that can go bad. If you have heart conditions, the excess heat can lead to strokes and heart attacks in some people.

Lisinopril heat wave
Lisinopril can go bad in a heat wave if left outside.
Blood pressure medicine in heat wave
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