Can Excessive Cinnamon Reduce Blood Sugars?

The Data and Science Behind Excessive Cinnamon Use for Diabetes and Blood Sugars is NOT GOOD!

Risk to too much cinnamon for diabetes think healthy doctor

Listen Below as Dr. Uppal talks about Excessive Cinnamon use and Diabetics:

Transcript of the Audio Above:

Bannister Wolfe: Hi Bannister here, let’s continue to Think Healthy. Today, we’re talking about cinnamon & diabetes.

This is all you need to know: STOP USING Cinnamon as a substitute for proper medicines when you’re trying to control for diabetes.

There’s a lot of research out there showing that Cinnamon does not cause dramatic reductions in your A1C.

Doctor Puja: “I want you to understand that Cinnamon does not reduce blood sugars. The research that was used to say Cinnamon is good: that’s all wrong. In fact, the amount of risk that you’re putting to your liver far outweighs any good that may come from cinnamon.

Bannister Wolfe: So what works?

Doctor Puja: Exercise works. A good diet works. Taking your medicine on time works. But wait, there’s good news. “You don’t have to lose a lot of weight just losing around 10 pounds does wonderful things to your body and blood sugars.”

Bannister Wolfe: There you have it: lose 10 pounds & leave that cinnamon for your bun!