Hunched Over in Pain? Back Pain 101

Know This: “Back Pain can, mostly, be avoided.”

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Listen Below as Dr. Uppal talks: “Pilates and Yoga are great exercises in preventing back pain.

Transcript of the Audio Above:

Bannister Wolfe: Hi, Bannister here! Let’s continue to Think Healthy. Most people seem to think that back pain occurs when there is an injury to our spinal cord. That’s actually not true.

Doctor Puja:

“Rather, most back pain comes from injuries to our muscles and ligaments and not our spinal cord.

When you pick up stuff with improper lifting techniques, have a few extra pounds on ya. And, if you’re sitting around at your job for long periods of time, you’re likely going to have some back pain.”

Bannister: And that was Doctor Puja.

Having said that, what are some of the more common ways of treating back pain?

Doctor Puja: “Home stretches, medications like ibuprofen, and hands-on treatments like OMT. If that pain continues, it’s time to talk to your health care team.”

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👈 Common back pain myths debunked.
Back Pain 101
Reviewed by Dr. Puja Uppal, DO 
April 14, 2021