Avocados and heart health


In the News: 30-Year Study Finds Eating Two Servings of Avocados a Week Linked to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Journal of the American Heart Association

New study avocado heart benefits
Avocado Health Benefits

Who’s this for:

  • for anybody interested in natural heart health.
  • for anybody interested in plant-based diets.
  • for anybody interested in better heart health.

What are some points I should focus on?

The large study found that “Higher avocado intake was associated with lower risk of CVD and coronary heart disease…”

The study found that “replacing half a serving/day of margarine, butter, egg, yogurt, cheese, or processed meats with the equivalent amount of avocado was associated with a 16% to 22% lower risk of CVD.”

In plain English: a sensible amount of avocado in your diet can help with better heart health.

Doctor’s Opinion

What should I do next?

This study is not your free pass to eat all the avocados you want! You still want to limit the amount you eat to about 2 servings per week.

The next steps: take this free heart health risk estimator test. It’s from the American College of Cardiology.

Take the test and share the results with your doctor.

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